30 October 2011

Singapore Association of Magician's Annual Dinner 2011!

29th September 2011, I attended our Singapore Association of Magician's Annual Dinner!

It's amazing how time flies, it's been a year since our last annual dinner but this year's dinner was as amazing and fun as the last.

Lots of entertainment for the night as members volunteered themselves to entertain the guest with close-up magic as well as stage performances! Andrew Kong, our vice president entertained us with some incredible magic!

 Joe Yu, an incredibly talented dove magician with an amazing dove act! Check out his website here!

 I had the honor to host SAM's dinner for many years but this year's dinner was hosted by Imran and Jeremy Tan. They did an EXCELLENT job hosting the stage programmes and had kept the audience laughing through the night!

 Daniel Teo, our club's treasurer, actively helping out in all of our club's programmes!

Daisy Ho, our assistant secretary, also a fantastic magician! Daisy was one of my guest performers in March's edition of Magic Carnival!

Pambudi, one of my favorite magicians! Pambudi was also one of my guest performers during July's Magic Carnival! I love his shows! He does an extremely funny and highly entertaining mentalism act!

 XiangZhi & Markson came as my guests for the dinner :-)

Imran had the audience laughing through the night!

 William, an ITE lecturer and veteran magician!

 Roger Heng amazed us with his new act! He surprised us with a highly skillful manipulation act, away from the usual stuff he performs. He did a great job!!

 Jeremy Tan's amazing crystal ball manipulation & magic act!

 Our club's new president Gordon Koh!

 Lots more performances kept us entertained throughout the night!

 Calvin Teo's new chinese themed act!

My hero, dearest Baha! Baha runs a successful video production company and he's extremely passionate with magic! Baha has been a great help in many of my productions, always supporting me in everything I do! Good morning Baha!!

Charles Choo, owner of a magic shop. When I was young I often hanged out at his magic shop, which kickstarted my career! I've learnt so much from him!

 Gician Tan, an excellent magician and owner of "Gift-A-Name", previously known as "House-of-humor"

Roger Heng & Bob Chua, veteran magicians with decades-long experience! Always insightful talking to them!

I had a GREAT time! Looking forward to next year's big events!

With love,
 - Kiki Tay

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