01 December 2011

Official Video - Kiki Tay's Laser Act in The EFX Show (Early version)

  I've been holding on to the release of this video for quite a while now as it is still under development. While the new version is on it's way, check out the early version of this act as presented in SCAPE Magic Carnival earlier in July this year!

 Enjoy! :-)

Many have asked, when is Magic Carnival returning? Well, in short, it wouldn't be returning anytime soon. I think 4 seasons in a single year is more than enough, or at least more than I can handle. Next year brings a whole new series of events! For now, nothing's on paper, they are all in my head... Look out for my coming year's project, the video above should give a clue about the direction I might be going... Check back here often for new developments :-)

With love,
 - Kiki Tay

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