06 February 2012

Watching iChestnuts! Utterly Hilarious! (20 Jan 2012)

 *Updated from previous post: 20 Jan 2012

iChestnuts 15!

I watched iChestnuts last Saturday!

What is Chestnuts? Nothing much, just this crazy, hilariously over-the-top, funniest show in Singapore! 

They spoofs anything and everything that happened during the year! This was one of the video taken from last year's show! 
See my previous blog post!

This is hilariously CLEVER! Gosh, please watch this video, and kids, please don't watch this video!

If you think this is hilarious, you're in for a treat! This is just the tip of the iceberg, imagine a solid 2-hour show if non-stop hilarious acts like that! You don't need to imagine, just go watch it!

More about it in the later part of the post...

Jonathan invited me to the show, I am big fan of Chestnuts, haven't missed a single show since 5 years ago! This is an annual production, they do a show every year, so if you missed this one (hopefully not) you gonna wait for another year! >.<

I invited XiangZhi to join me :-)

We had a nice buffet lunch before the show :-)
Cue: Pictures of food... and...GO!

On to the show!

The programme ibook!

I know I'm not suppose to take pictures during the show but... My dog ate my homework! (Can't think of a better excuse..)

The Amy & Ah Mee Show!

merLION King!

*Updated with official photos

Ris Low's Sister's iPhone 4S with a new function.. SisRis!


After being entertained by incredible cast, later that night, it was my turn to entertain..

At the event, I got a chance to meet "Kit & Kai!" I've heard so much about them and now I finally got a chance to meet them! They were FANTASTIC!! They did a hilarious act that got the audience going wild! Find out more about them at their website!

It was a fun day! :-)

It's sad that I have to wait another year for the next Chestnuts... But I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks Jonathan, for inviting me to the show! :-D

With Love,
  - Kiki Tay

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