30 March 2012

Hong Kong with Albert & Daisy!

Hong Kong, before heading home!

On the way back home, I dropped by Hong Kong to visit my good friend Albert Tam, a highly respected master in the magic community.

Daisy happened to be in Hong Kong as well, she joined us while we all hung out at a restaurant nearby.

The authentic "Yum Cha" experience in Hong Kong!

Cue pictures of food... and.. GO!

Cue saliva... and... DROOL! 

It was nice catching up with Albert again! The last time we met was when Albert brought his family to Singapore for a holiday. We went to universal studios! See my previous blog post!
That's "M" for Magic!

And erm... "W" for.. Woman?

I only had a few hours before I had to fly off from Hong Kong, no chance for any sightseeing :-(
The last time I've been to Hong Kong was for a show at Disneyland! See this blog post

Off to the airport!

Hong Kong international airport

It was a fun trip... 
Taking off from Hong Kong, I was left with this beautiful memory of flying through the clouds during sunset. 

I will be back again...

With Love,
  - Kiki Tay

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