25 March 2012

Off to to Macau!

A journey to watch a really AWESOME SHOW!!

While on a trip to perform for a show in Shenzhen, I popped by Macau to the catch the show I've always wanted to watch so badly... "The House of Dancing Water"!

I brought my Dad with me, he had worked so very hard all throughout his life, just so his baby(me) could have a bright future... He has taught his son well ;-) 

Flight to Hong Kong!

A few photos later...

I'm HERE!! At "City of Dreams"Macau!

Huge "water tank" with mermaids!

Our hotel!

Nice view from our room! On the left, Venetian!

And of course, the main reason I'm here in the first place..


And the second reason...

Dragon's Treasure!!

Dragon's Treasure is a really AWESOME show! It's hard to describe it in words so here's a video!

But the video doesn't do justice to how awesome the experience is! You have to watch it live!

"The House of Dancing Water" deserves a blog post by itself so I won't go into details! Catch it my next post!

As for now, the rest of Macau!

The majestic Venetian!

Galaxy Casino!

Night view of the Crown Hotel from my room! In case you didn't know my obsession with LEDs... I can't stop staring at all the colorful running lights! >.<

After all the fun, back to Hong Kong to catch my flight back home!

First-Class ferry tickets from Macau to Hong Kong!

To be continued...

With love
- Kiki Tay

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