10 April 2012

Blast from the past - Mrs Naidu!

Blast from the past!

I've been digging through my old videos and I found these. This was a skit which I had written and directed for the first season of my theatre show "Just Kiki Kidding" back in 2008.

The Adventure of Mrs Naidu! Part 1
(Note: Some parts may not be suitable for children!)

Part 2
With the introduction of a new character, "Miss Kenalangabaicar"
No no... It isn't me... I just happen to look like me..

Part 3
Back in Mrs Naidu's house...

Part 4

These videos really brought back lots of memories...

All my friends came together and helped me realized a dream... I wouldn't be where I am today without all the love and support from all of them. This skit, along with the entire production of "Just Kiki Kidding!" were made up of friends helping a friend out. My casts, crews and almost all of them volunteered their time and effort without asking for a single cent. All the passion and dedication of everybody putting their hearts into this show really touches me deeply, even till this day...

About a month before the show, I actually wrote an entire blog with stories leading up to this show. It's a comedy blog with Mrs Naidu as a real character and it introduces the characters one by one throughout the daily posts. People who read the comedy blog would be able to associate with the stories leading up to the skit!

Here's the secret passage to the blog! --> XXX
(Note: Read from bottom up starting from "Day 1" so that the story make sense!)

This is the ending footage of "Just Kiki Kidding!" DVD. Check out the end of the videos for the credits

A bit about Mrs Naidu..

Mrs Naidu was played by my dearest friend Pravin Saivi. Pravin was also the music director for this  production. Pravin is really a passionate artiste extremely dedicated to his craft. Judging by these funny videos, you probably won't be able to guess what he does for a living. Pravin is one of the most talented singer/song-writer/musician I know. Doing what he does best, Pravin had since became famous, launching his music career with his successful music/singing albums and becoming a well-known celebrity after storming his way through competitions in India's highly watched TV show "Super Singer" (It's like an "America Idol" but India's version) Pravin is also the ambassador of Maestro Guitars!

Pravin also wrote and recorded the theme song of "Just Kiki Kidding!" click play on this video!

Now with so much popularity and fans, he'll probably kill me now that I tagged him in this MRS NAIDU video! :-P (If I gone missing for a while, call the police and direct them to this blog post!)

I'll end it off nicely, with a music video from one of his album back in 2008 (The same year as the skit!)

A really nice song with a touching MV... Enjoy!

Visit Pravin's website

And his Facebook Page (remember to click "like"!)

P.S. Pravin, if you are reading this... I have a present for you, call me to redeem it! (SMS doesn't count) ;-)

With love,
  - Kiki Tay

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