18 July 2012

Directing the finale item for WSH Awards

17th July 2012
I directed the finale item for the Workplace Safety and Health Awards 2012.
(Scroll to the bottom for video!)

This year, we've got a talented singer to close the event. Glory Ngim.

The amazing piece of music arrangement was specially composed for us by Bang Wenfu.

Rehearsals at studio...
 My good friend Aidil choreographed the dance for me. Aidil must be one of the most experienced and professional choreographers in Singapore. He was the lead choreographer in the SAF MDC (Singapore armed forces, Music & Drama Company) I've learnt so much from him during my 2 years serving in MDC :-)

Setting up for the event...

Grabbing a quick bite, my only meal of the day... 

How can I do a show without special effects? Lasers, bubbles, mirror balls and confetti launchers!
Alan hard at work aligning the lasers system...

Glory trying out the mechanical wings I made! (More about this in later posts)

Rehearsals on stage...

Lasers, bubbles and mirror balls make me happy!! 

Arthur giving a speech... ;-P

Hard at work! 

Stage is ready... Enters audience!

Getting ready backstage..

Final run-through...

And it's SHOWTIME!

Thank you everybody for making this show a success!

With love,
  - Kiki Tay

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