12 June 2012

Directing the SYF Opening Ceremony's Mass Display - Rehearsals

Directing the Mass-Display item for The Singapore Youth Festival Opening Ceremony 2012

Another year, another mass-display project..
This marks the 5th mass-display project I've directed in my career. The past five years we produced mass-display segments for events such as The SYF Opening Ceremony, The Asian Youth Games Opening Ceremony, The National Day Parade 2010, The ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony and now 2012, we are back on the SYF stage!

This year we got to work with the talented students of CHIJ St. Nicolas girls school.
Rehearsals started months ago...

As with all my shows.. LEDs!! 
Our props, LED umbrellas custom made for us.
Dan demonstrating the umbrellas

Our rehearsals were at St. nicholas girls school before and after they moved to their new building...

Posing with our prop, "Lighted doorways to the future"

Dan, my hero and my perfect working partner... He has been so supportive of me and had given me so much opportunities. What am I without him...

Moving into venue, rehearsals at the Singapore Indoor Stadium..

Watch out for part two!

With love,
  - Kiki Tay

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