28 April 2012

The House Of Dancing Water!

Back in April I went to City of Dreams to watch "The House of Dancing Water"

Here are some photos taken from the show!

Foyer of the theatre
Really excited about the show!
I bought a ton of merchandise!

And the show begins...

A GIGANTIC Mast of a "Ship" emerges out of the water!
Breath-taking transitions!

One surprise after another... The show is made up of many amazing and breath-taking special effects! What I admire is that never once was an effect being overused. The surprises kept building up without a dull moment..

Hats off to the director! The grandeur of this show is simply mind blowing! A fusion of art and technology set with a storyline without dialogues. Simply breath-taking!

Flying cloths with projections!

MASSIVE water displays!

The stage quickly transforms into a stage for a high flying bike show!

My friend Zul arranged a backstage tour for me but it didn't happen due to stupidness on my end. I gave him the wrong date and arrived one day late. Was quite sad for a while.. Oh well, it simply means I have another reason to go back and watch the show again! :-D

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