04 August 2012

I LOVE SG - National Day Parade 2012!

Watching The National Day Parade 2012

  I wasn't involved in the NDP this year so I went strictly as an audience... A proud Singapore Citizen!

I had the honor of directing a mass-display segment in NDP back in 2010, check out my previous post here

This year's NDP was directed by Fan Dong Kai, I usually call him Fan老师. He was so kind to give me tickets for the event! Thank you Mr. Fan!
Photo taken during my show at "Showoff Academy's" event, Mr. Fan came to support!

In line with the theme, I put on a "I LOVE SG" T-Shirt!

Outside the grandstand I saw this familiar structure, one of the biggest props used in the show

Then I remembered where I first saw it. It was during P'art 1 Design's BBQ few months ago..

The guy sitting on top is Mr. Fan himself, getting a feel of what it would be like for the performer..

Collecting the Fun-pack!

I had a great seat!

The SAF MDC performed in the pre and post-parade. It brings back memories of the times I performed in the parade during my service in MDC :-)

The Parade!

Flag fly-pass and aerial display!

The president's seat was just a few seats away :-)
Water display by the Navy!
And the show began...

Click on the image for a larger view!

Truly a breath-taking show...

The finale fireworks display!

A really awesome experience! Congratulations Fan老师! Thanks for inviting me! :-)

I have a dream of directing the NDP one day... Till the day the dream comes true, I will never stop dreaming...

With Love,
  - Kiki Tay

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