06 August 2012

Kiki goes to Singapore Maker Faire! - Part 2

This is Part 2 of the post, click HERE if you haven't read Part 1!

Singapore Maker Faire 2012!

a really cool robot made of cardboard!

Some really "wild" and unique musical instruments!

The Arduino... The "brain" behind many projects in the Maker Faire!

A remote controlled "blimp" powered by star-shaped helium balloons ;-)
 Me, taking a picture of the "blimp" taking a picture of me!

 One thing caught my attention at the Robocup booth... These "Omni-directional" wheels!
I was inspired and created a project using "omni-directional" wheels, check out my project post here!
A chat with the students revealed that these wheels were designed and custom made by them specially for their robot project. They were kind enough to show me their CAD design and offered to send me more details! 

A couple of booth showcasing Lego Mindstorm NXT projects. I began my robotics passion with a Mindstorm many years back!

Autodesk's 123D CATCH! A really cool FREE iPad app that allows you to convert a series of photos into a 3D object. An innovative (and free) 3D scanner!

Dangerous Prototypes! Check out their website here -> http://dangerousprototypes.com

 Origami art by a couple of really creative students! 

And many many other cool stuff!

It's too bad I had only found out about the fair a few weeks back. I would love to have a booth in the fair! I hope it comes back next year, I wouldn't miss it for sure! 
A great day!

If you're a fan of the Arduino, join the Singapore Arduino Club! They just started and if you register in the forum and make your first post, your title will be upgraded to "Founding Member"! Go to www.SingaporeArduinoClub.com

Be inspired to MAKE!

With love,
  - Kiki Tay

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