20 November 2012

Kiki's Robotic Table Project v3.5

My Robotic Table Version 3.5
This is a blogpost to share with the electronics/robotics community. If you are curious, read on!

This project of mine had gone a long way with several builds and rebuilds. Now it's at version 3.5!
Check out the video!

Attracting attention wherever it goes!

I'm using a new modular system as supporting frames. The extra weight requires more power so I decided to make this new version an 8-wheel system. 

Servo system that drives the door sequence!

Final prototype!

The entire project requires heavy current, so I used a 2650mAh 3S 30C Lipo battery with a 8A UBEC as a power regulator.

Prototype Prototype!!

Looks better with skirting! This is just temporary, my next upgrade should make it look a whole lot better!

Version 4 is going to be exciting! I'm adding a pneumatic system, Arduino programmed LEDs as well as a smoke delivery system! Watch out for it!

With love,
  - Kiki Tay

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