15 June 2013

More blog posts from Kiki!

Why haven't I been blogging for such a long time?

  It's been a long break, almost a year without a blog post. Well, the honest truth is, aside from my schedule and my involvements in too many projects, I've sort of moved "stories" of my personal life to Facebook as it's much easier and less time consuming to create a status update than to write a whole blog post.

  Recently I stumbled upon a blog that had inspired me to continue blogging. Poh Huai Bin's blog at sixthseal.com. Huai Bin started blogging way before the blogging trend started, and he continued on till today. He documented his life and how much he had changed throughout the years. When I first stumbled upon his blog, I spent more than 4 hours reading it and it was well worth the hours as I've gotten so inspired by his life. Do check out his blog at sixthseal.com

  Anyway, if you've been constantly checking out my blog I'm sure you realized that it's slowly turning into a tech blog with more and more posts about electronics stuff than lifestyle related stuff. I'll try not to turn it into a tech blog but I'm just so excited to share all my new creations.

  I'll make it a point to start blogging regularly again but in the meantime, do add me on Facebook if you haven't already done so! Here's a link to my profile http://www.facebook.com/KikiTay and yes, I will accept your friend request :-)

Till then, check back regularly for new posts!

With love,
   - Kiki Tay

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